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Perineal Irrigation Bottle (Peri-Bottle) (300ml)


A peri-bottle is a very useful postpartum recovery tool used by women after vaginal childbirth and is a must-have in your hospital bag.

After childbirth, the entire perineum area can be sore and swollen, making going to the bathroom both uncomfortable and sore. This easy to squeeze bottle, designed to be used upside down is used to clean the perineum after using the bathroom without having to wipe the sensitive area with tissue.

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How to use
Fill the peri – bottle with water before using the bathroom. While sitting on the toilet, point the angled neck and tip towards the perineum and gently squeeze. The nozzle has tiny holes for a gentle release of water. Once the area is clean gently pat to dry (avoid wiping). A peri-bottle may also be used during urination so that the water dilutes the urine and makes it sting less!


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